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Some views of Dublin Bay which is about 5 minutes from Ringsend where I live.




Dirty Ringsend

ringsend dirt 002

Ringsend is a small village in south east Dublin. It is the dirtiest place in Ireland ( and that’s saying something). And the people of Ringsend are , for the most part , scum . Only scum would live in this filth and consider it normal. I’m thinking of setting up a blog just to highlight this one issue.  The entire neighbourhood is littered with dog dirt and every other kind of litter you can imagine.  There is literally tons of it…everywhere. And the people wade through this every day , adding to it as they go along…….

I have never seen even one person pick up this litter. In the summer it is particularly bad with the locals hanging around outside the pubs and adding to this mess with practically every minute that passes. It is a nightmare.  Scum people more than happy to live surrounded by their own scum. Lowlife living the low life……too ignorant  to know any better and too stupid to care…..


A few days ago a neighbour of mine was murdered in his flat . I live in the same complex at Cambridge Court in Ringsend in Dublin.  He was a nice quiet sort of man who I’m sure never did anyone any harm. The Garda forensic team were here today which made it all seem so very real . It’s a sobering thought to think that a man was beaten to death just a few feet away while I slept the sleep of the just. These sort of murders are commonplace now in Ireland….there seems to one every day….human life has become cheap , very cheap.

Watching all those young  police officers in their white csi suits made it look like something you see on  TV – and of course it was on TV – except that this time there would be no credits rolling at the end….. It was , funnily enough,  all very depressing which  came as something of a surprise to me.  I keep thinking of the song , ” Another one bites the Dust”. I can’t get it out of my head and for the life of me I  can’t remember who it’s by.  – Oh , I’ve just remembered now……Queen.  Strange how the mind works.

I’m sitting on my own in my flat , the radio is  on in the background. On the floor beside me is an original early pressing of  Live Dead by the Grateful Dead which I picked up to-day …… I like the ‘Dead .  Most of them are dead now ……  Most of the original  DeahHeads are probably dead  too….or at least  close to it…………A few weeks ago Lou Reed died ……..    Everyone is dying.

Meanwhile , back at the ranch , a Garda is on patrol outside the complex.  It’s very cold.  A thankless task.  Two small bouquets of flower are stuck in the railings outside the dead mans flat  — Nothing more  to be said.

I still can’t get that song out of my head….


A few months ago I started a new blog , Cambridge Court Chronicles. Cambridge Court is a sheltered housing complex in Dublin Ireland which is run by Dublin City Council.  It’s supposed to be a wonderful place for older people to grow even older in….safe …….caring……blah blah blah….  Dublin City Council like to boast about how well they look after senior citizens  and sheltered housing is good for THEIR image …… a bit like Google who also do a lot for the community which of course is simply a way of deflecting attention from the fact that Google are the greatest facilitator of pornography in the history of the world. Like I say , sheltered housing is good for their image.

I live in Cambridge Court and let’s just say that everything in the garden is far from rosy……..very very far from rosy……Drop into my blog from time to time and I’ll tell you the true story…….

……………. a true story of bullying , isolation , intimidation……

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