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I am just now watching the situation in Paris unfolding on TV. The media is putting the usual spin on all of this and by tomorrow I have no doubt that the far right and anyone else who is opposed to mass immigration will be blamed …..this is always the response of our neo-liberal media. The muslim ghettos will continue to grow and thousands of young muslim men will pour into Europe. They will bring with them their hatred , their anti-Semitism , their utter contempt for western values and nothing will be done. And if you or I complain we will be called racist.

This is war. It’s as simple at that. This is the new fascism. This is the new Europe. This is the new order. And what you or I might want does not matter. We don’t matter. Our governments have become our oppressors. They do not represent us and have no intention of doing so. This really is fascism. It’s as dangerous as the fascism of Hitler and may well turn out to be even worse. There is no legal way to stop this, our political masters have seen to that.

This is war and the sooner people wake up and realise it the better. I will never forgive the people who have done all of this….I will never forgive these euro-fascists for trying to impose their dictatorship on me. I will show no mercy to these people ……May they , and their children rot in hell… Many of the people who died tonight voted for multiculturalism and millions of french people will no doubt continue to do so – just think about that.  Just how stupid can you get !

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     They are at it again. Schools and embassies close for fear of murder and arson. French Muhammad cartoons have brough criminals and thugs on to the streets but many are only concerned that these criminals might be offended rather than the fact that they are criminals who  should not be tolerated in any society. Freedom of speech must be protected.  I am  offended by the ignorant prejudices of those many muslim which manifests itself in antisemitism , homophobia and contempt for women and democracy. Enough of this barbarism…..defend free speech.

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