Yesterday I went to PC World here in Dublin and bought myself a new Lenovo  G 500 Laptop loaded with Windows 8.1  OS. Prior to this I had a Lenovo T 43 with Windows XP loaded. My first impression of Windows 8.1 is that it is the ugliest OS I have ever seen. I hate it. I don’t just dislike it I literally HATE it. It’s repulsive. I cannot make any sense of it.  Even a simple thing like writing this blog post is a nightmare. There are so many things wrong with this system that it would be pointless to pick out just one or two so I’ll just leave it at that. But even if it did work it’s just so UGLY……..I hate it I hate it I hate it……. I will probably get a copy of Windows XP and load that on to my laptop. I know that  Microsoft are no longer going to give updates for it but I will just have to take a chance and hope I don’t have any problems in the future. Just to make matters worse my new laptop is not the best either. The keypad is very awkward to use.