About three weeks ago I picked up a Philips AG 9014 Valve Amplifier. I bought it for 20  euros in a local flea market here in Dublin. When I got it home I  hooked it up to a couple of Warfdale speaker and it worked but only just as there was a lot of crackle and distortion and various other noises. I left it in for a complete service with The HiFi Hospital and got it back a couple of weeks later after handing out 230 euros…………but I have not been able to play it yet as it requires 800 ohm speakers. They told me in the HiFi Hospital that it was a good quality machine – they actually described it as ” a beautiful piece of equipment”  so I’m happy………..but its a drag to have to wait until I can pick up some 800 ohm speakers.

I’ll post a video on Youtube as soon as I get the speakers ( philips 9710}.   And by the way, I don’t mean to sound cynical but who needs friends when you’ve got a good valve amplifier ? After all , if I had a friend he might covet this little beauty and perhaps even steal it…..  You can rely on a  good oldschool  valve amplifier  but can you rely on your friends ?…………

………….  am I right or am I right ?

ag 9014